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Hand Carved Wooden  Finials

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Carved Finials

Acorn finial , oak wood, carved finials,wooden finial, oak finials,
Acorn Finial
artichoke finial, carved finials,wooden finial,carved artichoke finial,hardwood finials
Artichoke finial,carved artichoke finial,wooden artichoke finial,hand carved finials, houle custom woodcarving,
acorn finial,carved finials,carved acorn finial, wooden finial, houle custom woodcarving,
acorn finial,carved finials,carved acorn finials, oak finials,cherry finials,mahogany finials, wooden finials,hand carved finials
Reeded Acorn Finial, carved acorn finial, readed finial, hand carved acorn finial,wooden readed finial,readed acorn finial, hardwood finials, Houle s custom woodcarving
spiral finial,tear drop finial, hand carved finial, oak finial,hand carved finials
spiral twist Finial,oak spiral twist finial,hand carved finial,wooden finial,twisted finial,spiral finial,carved finials,carved finial,oak finials,Houles custom woodcarving
hand carved classic pineapple finial
spiral twist finial,carved finials,oak spiral twist finial,spiral finial,wooden finial,oak finial,carved finial, hand carved finial ,Houle s custom woodcarving
Hand carved finial ,acorn style 5 in dia by 8 in h we can make these in any size
Hand carved Pineapple finial 5 in w 8 in h shown carved in maple wood
Hand carved pineapple finial in cherry wood
 Bell top finial ,hand carved acanthus leaf  shown in walnut wood
hand carved spiral fluted carved final 9 in
Custom bed post finials
Custom carved and turned bed post finial and turned post , we can match almost any finial you need for your projects or bed post
carved finial
Bell top Acanthus Finial

Custom sizing available in most Hardwoods

Because some customers want custom sizing on there carved finials and different hardwoods you will need to contact us by phone or email for pricing

Acanthus spiral Finial from Houle s Custom Woodcarving

Customers photo of a beautiful curved stair with traditional newel post with our pine apple finials

curved stair
Carved finials,wooden finials,hand carved finials,acorn finials,acanthus leaf finial,artichoke finial, spiral finial,Houle s custom woodcarving

We have created hundreds of carved finials for satisfied clients in Canada and the USA over the years . We use select and better grade hardwoods for your hand carved finials. All of our carved finials have fine detail and are sanded smoothe and ready to install and finish . We offer most domestic and exotic hardwoods along with custom sizing to fit your required projects. We have customers purchasing carved finials for newel posts, bed post,cabinets,fence post,truss timber beams ,curtain rods and for center pieces . We also have a fast turn around when ordering , whether you order one or ten we make sure they are carved right the first time .We also  offer custom woodcarving for your own design, Call or email when ordering to give us the size and model . Carved finials offered above are classic acorn,artichoke finial,low profile acorn finial,tear drop finial,classic pineapple finial,standard acorn finial,classic artichoke finial,reeded acorn finial,and classic spiral

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