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Stairs ,Railings, carved components
Houles custom woodcarving logo

Houle s Custom Stairs and Railings has been building stairs and making railing for over 25 years. We personally do one job at a time , we are not your typical production stair shop that does not care about quality . We treat every stair job like it counts and quality is what we strive to achieve in the end. We still use the typical hand tools along with the basic machines used in cabinetry our methods for the building of the stairs goes way back . We still use hand routers with templates for milling but in the end its the hand s on method that achieves tight joinery , no squeaky stairs here. All of our stairs are completely sanded  with out blemish and ready for stain or paint .Our Railings are custom made per job and are straight without bows , our carved fittings are second to none assuring you they are custom layed out to fit your stair . these are not store bought with a random rise and run with wrong pitches .Our fittings are attached using a 5/16 thick hanger bolt and tightened using a 1/2 inch nut and washer from the underside for lasting strength and durability . We hardly ever have to miter the joints on railings this is a weak connection and looks cheap . our railing components have graceful round edges that are great to feel and look at.

Custom endless railing with inclining volutes
carved railing parts on wood rail system
staircase featuring declining volutes custom
wooden staircase open
two declining volutes

custom job we did a few years back , this job consist of 1-3/4 inch treads and stringers with open risers. the railing was 3 wide and 2-1/2 high , spindles are 1-1/2 all the custom corners are carved fittings that were engineered to give maximum strength and durability .This railing job was very strong as much as post to post system .

Custom maple wood staircase
close up view of carved housing for treads
14 rise maple hardwood staircase
carving out stringers for staircase

all of our tread nosing are custom fitted for tight tolerances

showing wood tread in stringer for staircase
5 rise staircase

4 rise maple stair and a 12 rise for the other side of house to basement

16 rise Maple stair installed treads are protected using Masonite board and tape

installing rail system in maple wood

installing the last section of railing and spindles

finished rail system in maple wood steel spindles
maple railing system with metal spindles
finished maple rail system
finishe rail
finished balcony railing

All of our post and railings are anchored using 3-1/2 inch long by 5/16 hanger bolts for ultimate strength

previous stair and railing jobs
side view of staircase
sside view of pine staircase with railing
wooden railing with white square spindles
two drop volutes for railing
up easing railing part
4 newel post holding up landing
railing system
custom curved staircase for seagrams lofts
custom rail part
quarter turn into wall railing
scroll with rail
custom staircase and railing
custom newel post
custom stair railing
custom curved stair with curved railing
offset oak railing
straight utility staircase in pine wood
right side volute on curved stair
custom carved volute on custom staircase
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