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Hand Carved Wooden Cremation Urns

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Religious Cremation Urns

praying hands urn, praying hands in maple wood, carved funeral urns , houle s custom woodcarving,creamation urns
carved cross cremation urn cherry wood
cross funeral urn,cross urn,oakcross urn,carved funeral urns,carved urn,carved wooden urn,houles custom woodcarving,carved wooden urn,
front view of carved praying hands cremation urn cherry wood
carved cross cremation urn cherry wood close up
hand carved cross funeral urn by houles custom woodcarving , carved wooden urns,hand carved cremation urn,hand carved funeral urn in oak
cross funeral urn, cross urn, cross cremation urn,wooden cross urn, oak cross urn,carved oak urn,carved cross urn,houles custom woodcarving,
carved praying hands oak cremation urn
Wheat funeral urn , hand carved urns , creamation urn, carved funeral urns,houle s custom woodcarving
Contempory maple/walnut praying hands funeral urn
carved praying hands cremation urn
carved praying angel cremation urn
Hand carved praying hands companion funeral urns, shown in oak wood
Avienna Carved Praying Hands cremation urn
praying angel companion cremation urn front

Flower Cremation Urns

hand carved garden roses funeral urn by Houle s Custom Woodcarving, hand carved funeral urn,hand carved cremation urns, hand carved wooden urns
hand carved classic rose funeral urn, by Houles Custom Woodcarving , hand carved funeral urns, hand carved cremation urn
Millenium cherry funeral urn, hand carved funeral urns
carved up right garden roses cremation urn
classic rose cremation urn
Hand carved Rose cremation urn in cherry wood
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cherry wood garden roses cremation urn
forget me not flowers cremation urn
carved Tulip cremation urn cherry wood

Song Bird Cremation Urns

Cardinal funeral urn, creamation urn, wooden urns,houle custom woodcarving,wooden urns,carved funeral urns
Blue Jay Funeral Urn, Hand carved funeral urns,carved funeral urn, wooden urns, creamation urns, oak blue jay urn, oak urn , cherry urn, Houles Custom woodcarving
carved red winged black bird cremation urn, wooden urns,cremation urns,funeral urns
carved bluejay cremation urn 200 cu in 10.5 h 6.25 w 8.25 across
Female Cardinal cremation urn
carved red winged black bird cremation urn,wooden urns,carved cremation urn
carved red cardinal cremation urn in oak wood
red cardinal black cap chicadee

Natures Art Cremation Urns

carved fish splashing cremation urn
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Loon funeral urn,wood urn,wooden urn, carved loon urn,cremation urn,wooden cremation urn,hand carved urn,hand carved loon urn,oak urn,oak loon urn,
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mallard funeral urn,mallard urn,mallard cremation urn,wooden mallard urn,wooden urn,wooden cremation urn,houles custom woodcarving,cherry mallard urn,cherry urn
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Eagle funeral urn, creamation urn,funeral urns,carved urns, carved funeral urns, houle s custom woodcarving
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Horse funeral urn,horse urn,horse cremation urn, wooden urn,oak urn,wooden cremation urn, houles custom woodcarving,carved funeral urn,hand carved urn,
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Bear funeral urn, carved bear funeral urn,wooden urns,funeral urns,creamation urns,carved urns,houle s custom woodcarving,
Carved Loon funeral urn shown in oak wood
hand carved eagle funeral urn by Houle s Custom Woodcarving , carved funeral urns, carved cremation urns, hand carved funeal urns, hand carved cremation urns
carved moose cremation urn in oak wood
carved fisherman cremation urn front view
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deer running carved cremation urn
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Mallard funeral urn ,carved funeral urns,wooden urns,houles custom woodcarving
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Hand carved Moose cremation urn in oak wood
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Harley Davidson Cremation Urn

Harley Davidson Motorcycle carved funeral urn
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Carved Eagle Harley Davidson Funeral Urn
More Detail
close up of Harley Davison motorcycle cremation urn

Sports cremation urns

Dinney funeral urn,wooden urns,carved funeral urns,cremattion urn,oak urns,houles custom woodcarving
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back side view of wood cremation urn
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wooden funeral urns,wooden cremation urn,carved funeral urns,oak urns,houles custom woodcarving,funeral urns,cremation urn,wooden cremation urns,
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wood carved golfer cremation urn
Lady golfer urn,golfer urn,wooden golfer urn,wooden golfer cremation urn,carved golfer urn,carved wooden golfer urn,carved funeral urn,carved wooden urn,houles custom woodcarving
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plain cremation urn in wood
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carved women golfer cremation urn
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Hockey player cremation urn

Infant Cremation Urns

butterfly urn,butterfly cremayion urn,butterfly funeral urn , hand carved butterfly urn,carved butterfly urn,houles custom woodcarving
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childens teddy bear cremation urn
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All of our hand carved cremation urns are made using selected Hardwoods . The carving on the front panels are done in bass relief style carving and sanded to perfection, high lighting the natural grain found in the wood . We have over 50 carved designs to choose and also offer custom carved designs to suit your needs . Our cremation urns are very sturdy using 7/8 of a inch thick material no composite materials are used only solid hardwoods . We have been established since 1995  with over 30 years of woodcarving and cabinetry  experience . Hardwoods used are Red oak  , Cherry wood , Mahogany and Walnut woods applied finish are sanding sealer along with 2 top coats of quality lacquer , cremation urn s hold 200 cubic inch of cremation .

            250 341 2235

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