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Carved Pet Cremation Urns

Houle s Custom Woodcarving

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Pets are part of your family and are sadly missed when it comes time that they pass away . Dogs and Cats and Birds and others can fill our lives with so much laughter and joy . We do not think about just how short their lives are compared to us Humans . We know how you feel at the present time, as we had a beautiful Dog named Bobbie a Sheltie 14 years old that passed and we still miss him today .What a great way to honor your beloved Dog or Cat by having their remains kept inside a warm beautiful wooden urn to be looked upon for lasting memories . We have been busy for the last 28 years providing wood cremation urns for funeral Homes and Family s . We are now also providing beautiful hand carved Pet cremation urns for your Dog or Cat . All of our wood cremation urns are made from solid hard woods such as Oak , Cherry  . There is nothing like the warmth and beauty of a wood urn for your little friend to be remember by .

Below are some of our wood Pet urns , we will be adding more wood Pet urns in the near future . All of our wooden Pet urns are made from solid 3/4 inch wood and have mitered construction and are very strong and durable to last a life time .

Hand Carved with care and craftsmanship

carved rose panel

Solid Hardwood Pet Urns

Medium size Dog and Cat cremation urns up to 100 pounds

pet urn
pet urn
cat pet urn
cat urn walnut
wood pet urn

Small Dog and Cat cremation urns up to 120  pounds

pet urn
Scooby doo pet urn
pet urn
pet urn with paws
pet urn cat in heart
snoopy pet cremation urn
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