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Carved Wooden Duck Decoys

Houle s Custom Woodcarving

David j Houle started woodcarving in his early 20 s , his early work was mainly in the carved furniture leg,chair backs, arms and custom woodcarving for stair railing parts . By the end of the 80 s he found a attraction towards carved Decorative decoy making and so begun making carved mallard decoys , carved wood duck decoys
carved Pintail decoys, and common Loon decoys in a variety of different sizes . At this time he sold mainly to the Gift store industry. David’s style of decorative duck decoy carving has grown over the years , his carved duck decoys have carved detail to the back feathers and highlight the woods grain pattern on the sides and head. Over the last 28 years he has sold 100 s of Decorative duck Decoy carvings to collectors all over the world . David s duck decoys are carved out of pine wood , painted using stains and acrylic paints , signed and dated . we will be adding new carved duck decoy carvings to the site over time , be sure to come back often to check them out.


Red breasted merganser carved duck decoy
$375.00 usa
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carved goose
$335.00  usa
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Hand carved Ruddy duck decoy, hand carved and painted ,carved wooden duck decoys,by houles custom woodcarving,carved duck decoy
$275.00 usa
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Hand carved Hooded Merganser by Houles Custom Woodcarving,hand carved duck decoys,carved ducks,
$280.00 usa
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$275.00  usa

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